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What We Offer

Employer Solutions

Employer Solutions

For organizations in need of part time support, we provide Human Resource Consulting via our team of certified Human Resource professionals for as little as a few hours a month or as much as you need us we will be there for as long as you need in order to assist with any and all Human Resource related projects and tasks.

Our services are delivered on an hourly or retainer basis. Our solutions are economical and well within reach for businesses of all sizes and with varying timelines.

The Operations team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive Human Resources experience in the areas of Employee Relations, Organizational Design, Human Resource Compliance, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Training, Payroll, Human Resource Audits, Human resources administration, Handbooks, and other culture driving initiatives such as employee surveys.

Headquartered in Calgary Alberta with offices in California and across western Canada, our services are available across Canada and in all 50 states.

What We Do

  • Your Organization’s Virtual HR Department
    …….our office or yours
  • Healthy Workplace initiatives
    …..productive and engaged workplaces free of harassment and bullying
  • Human Capital strategy and consulting
    … advice

We provide expert advice – based on our years of proven success in the business, and proven business models – to help you apply tools that have been proven to maximize the value of your investment in your people. Our operational approach is unique and customized – based on the needs of your business.

We provide thorough assessment, solution recommendations, plan development, and coaching to help you succeed in the following areas:

People Strategy – we start by working with you – the leader – to determine the business’ Unique Value Proposition; we’ll coach you through the process of how to develop a vision, and then develop the plan to execute that vision for the business that meets your personal and professional goals.

Succession Planning and Talent Development – planning for the leaders of the future.  Our expertise includes working with you to develop a sustainable and effective plan for your high potential leaders of the future.

Engagement and Retention – engaging and retaining the best people for the business. We can build you an on-boarding program, and design processes that will help you engage your people and retain the best.

Performance Management– we’ll develop a system of performance management with you that will help you meet your business objectives.

Team Development – we’ll help you develop a high-performing team that will enable you to achieve your business goals.

Personal Effectiveness – using the individual’s unique strengths to maximize personal effectiveness.  Developing skills such as: communication, coaching, stress management, and team building are core to a leader’s success.

Inspired Solutions – sometimes, there is a “people issue” that you are not confident what the best course of action is to resolve.  Use our years of experience and expertise to get to the ‘right place’ for your business.

Employee Value Proposition – we’ll help you learn how to maximize the value of the time spent on recruitment, hiring and employee retention; and maximize the success of your employee lifecycle.

Executive Search – outsource your interviewing and selection to our team of professionals!

The HR support line was established to provide you a place to get answers 7 days a week for the human resource issues you face in your business today. No question is too basic, we are here to help. Anytime, it is better to err on the side of caution when it relates to your people. You will receive guidance about current applicable legislation, best practices and suggestions on next steps. The HR support line can answer your questions about harassment; disability; discrimination; wrongful dismissal claims; sick and stress leave; union campaigns; human rights; drug and alcohol issues; employee discipline, workplace health & safety issues, WCB, employment standards issues.

Legal compliance is a necessary part of people practices and can make or break your business. We offer support implementing systems, educating teams and auditing current practices to minimize exposure in the following areas:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Employment Standards
  • Human Rights
  • Common Law

As businesses grow from single unit operations to multiple unit operations, or scale operations in response to business needs, expertise in people management is essential.  We’ll illuminate for you the inevitable ‘bumps in the road’, and help you develop plans to avoid those bumps. We have expertise in:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Manpower planning
  • New location opening and training
  • On-boarding systems development for multi-unit businesses
  • People development strategies for multi-unit businesses
  • Leadership development retreats and impactful team development activities
  • Developing a culture of customer service is invaluable in this highly competitive industry. We’ll help you:
  • Develop standards of service and a service model
  • Establish business systems, based on TQM philosophy, that enable a culture of service excellence
  • Develop a plan for service excellence – including defining service excellence for your business
  • Train service excellence in your business – including hospitality skills, attitudes and knowledge, telephone skills, and sales skills

We provide consulting on an hourly, retainer, or project-based costing. We can work with all budgets to help you achieve your business goals.

If you have any questions please feel free to call (403) 975-9336